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Orthodontist in Greenfield Has the Foods to Avoid with Braces

July 1, 2019

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woman wearing bracesBraces are an excellent investment in your oral health and your confidence. Your orthodontist in Greenfield creates a personalized treatment plan to align your teeth and bite. While on your journey to a straight smile, not much will change in your daily life other than improving your self-esteem, but you will need to watch what you eat. There are certain foods you should avoid but don’t worry, there are still several you can enjoy to maintain a well-balanced diet.

What Can’t I Eat with Braces?

Metal braces are strong and durable, but they are not indestructible. As a result, certain foods can cause a bracket to come loose or a wire to break. Not to mention, your oral hygiene routine is already a bit more difficult. The last thing you need is food stuck in your braces, which can lead to oral health issues.

To ensure no unexpected complications arise, here are some foods you should avoid while wearing your braces:

  • Sugary or starchy foods and drinks: They cause plaque acid, which can become trapped around the brackets. Over time, it can erode your enamel, leading to tooth decay. If the buildup is not removed from between your teeth or around your gum line, it can also cause an infection called periodontal disease.
  • Sticky or chewy foods: They can cling to wires and brackets, causing them to loosen or break.
  • Hard, crunchy foods: Nuts, hard candy, and other crunchy foods can cause damage to your braces, which can lengthen your treatment plan.
  • Darkly pigmented foods and drinks: Stain-causing foods or drinks can discolor parts of your braces, like the ligatures. Not to mention, it can lead to stains on your teeth.

What Foods Can I Eat?

Despite the dietary restrictions, there are still several foods you can still enjoy. It is best to stick to those that are soft and healthy, like low-fat cheese, fruits, and vegetables; however, be sure to cut them into small pieces.

Anything Else I Should Avoid?

Besides the foods you eat, there are bad habits that can cause your braces to break, such as:

  • Picking your braces with inedible objects.
  • Sucking on your fingers or objects.
  • Chewing on inedible objects.

If you play sports, it is best to wear an athletic mouthguard. This not only protects your braces from damage but also reduces the risk of injury to your teeth and soft tissues if there’s trauma to your face or mouth.

Protect Your Smile

Don’t let anything come between you and a straight smile. Your orthodontist will explain how to best maintain your oral health and a balanced diet while aligning your teeth. You can achieve your best smile possible by making a few simple changes.

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