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Carriere Distalizer – Amherst, MA | Northampton, MA | Greenfield, MA

We Get Rid of Overbites & Underbites

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Why Choose DeMaio Orthodontics for Carriere Distalizer?

  • Corrects Bites Without Removing Permanent Teeth
  • Proven, High-Quality Materials That Are Never Recycled Between Patients
  • 16+ Years of Orthodontic Experience

When teeth naturally erupt the wrong way, it’s no one’s fault – but that doesn’t mean patients have to be stuck with them. Using the Carriere Distalizer, Dr. DeMaio can guide smiles back to their correct positions, eliminating severe overbites and underbites for good. This modern orthodontic device is highly effective and will typically be installed before the patient receives traditional braces.

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What Kinds of Problems Do Overbites & Underbites Cause?

An overbite occurs when the patient’s upper teeth overlap their lower row of teeth, and an underbite occurs when the lower front teeth appear in front of the upper teeth. While mild overbites/underbites are often only aesthetically displeasing, the severe version of these conditions can spell serious trouble, such as:

How Does The Carriere Distalizer Work?

The Carriere Distalizer resembles a metal bar that is placed directly onto the teeth. The first step of the installment process involves the creation of an anchor point within the mouth. The bar (also called an “arm”) will connect from the anchor point to an upper molar or canine tooth. Finally, an elastic band is added as well to create the necessary tension to start shifting the bite. This device is not removable like a retainer; only Dr. DeMaio can remove it from the mouth. While every patient’s case is different, most can expect to be finished with treatment in around 3-5 months, leaving them ready to start traditional orthodontic care.

Surprisingly, the Carriere Distalizer accomplishes the same goals as traditional headgear, but without the uncomfortable bulk and embarrassment often associated with this type of treatment. We’ll be sure to discuss this service in greater detail during an initial appointment if we determine that it may be the right choice for children (or adults) in need.

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