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Diode Laser Treatments – Amherst, MA | Northampton, MA | Greenfield, MA

Get Rid Of Pesky Gum Tissue & Smile Brighter

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Why Choose DeMaio Orthodontics for Diode Laser Treatments?

  • Highly Comfortable Care – No Need For Anesthetic Injections In Most Cases
  • Accelerated Healing & Minimal Post-Operative Symptoms
  • Well-Trained & Compassionate Orthodontist With Decades of Experience

A patient’s gum tissue serves as the essential frame for their teeth, but unfortunately, this frame can sometimes get in the way and cause aesthetic and health-related concerns. At DeMaio Orthodontics, our team doesn’t want an overly “gummy” appearance to prevent patients from pursuing braces or enjoying their newly straightened smile following treatment. That’s why Dr. DeMaio is happy to make quick and pain-free adjustments using a state-of-the-art diode laser. Please contact us in either Northampton, Greenfield, or Amherst to learn more and schedule a first visit!

What are the benefits of diode laser treatment? We’re glad you asked:

Better Bracket Placement

Closeup of child with braces during dental exam

There are certain circumstances where orthodontic brackets can’t be placed in the ideal spot – maybe an important tooth is erupting on a slower timeframe than expected, or maybe the gum line hasn’t receded properly and is covering too much of the enamel. Laser diode treatment can reveal more of a tooth’s surface safely and comfortably, allowing for the bracket to be placed in the best possible location for successful orthodontic treatment.

Improved Aesthetics

Woman with braces

Once your braces have actually been removed, some gum recontouring with the diode laser may be recommended by Dr. DeMaio to maximize your improved smile’s overall appearance. He will carefully reshape the natural gum line, exposing more beautiful dental structure, eliminating excess tissue, and correcting any symmetrical concerns.

Help With Impacted Teeth

Animation of impacted tooth

An “impacted” tooth is a tooth that hasn’t properly erupted through the gum line, remaining partially or fully trapped out of sight. Instead of having to wait for weeks or months on end for this tardy tooth to erupt naturally or be removed with an extensive, high-cost surgery, our patients have a third option! Laser diode treatment can eliminate troublesome soft tissue and often speed up this process.

Diode Lasers & Frenectomies

Child kissing sleeping baby on forehead

The “frenum” is the oral tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums or the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. In many cases, babies are born with a frenum that is too elongated or bulky, which can lead to what’s known as a “tongue tie” and several associated symptoms, such as difficulty with feeding from a bottle, negatively impacted speech, and uncomfortable swallowing. Thankfully, Dr. DeMaio can eliminate excessive frenum tissue and correct these troublesome issues very comfortably with our state-of-the-art diode laser, even in extremely young patients!

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